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Quick Opening Closures

The S-500, S-2000, and S-3000 Quick Opening Closures provide customized solutions for the industry. Depending on application, location and frequency of usage, the best choice of closure style varies. Each of our three closure designs offer unique benefits, which provides flexibility to choose the right fit based on your requirements.


Diameters: 2″ to 52″
Pressure Series: 150 to 2500


Diameters: 2″ to 48″
Pressure Series: 150 to 900


Diameters: 6″ to 84″
Pressure Series: 150 to 2500

To keep your choice simple and effective, all closures are designed in accordance with ASME B31.3/B31.4/B31.8/CSA Cat. II and can be certified accordingly. In addition, all closures are offered as ASME Code Stamped when required and come furnished with a U-2A Partial Data Report.

We believe that closures should be reliable for decades, while remaining safe and user friendly. In the development phase of the closure concepts, we stayed true to this statement by adding safety features, quality components, operational improvements, and applied common sense to spare parts. The result of this effort are performance packages which are designed to stand the test of time, regardless of environmental factors.

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